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Case of the Mondays


This past Monday I woke up tired and out of sorts. I fed the pups, let the chickens out to free range a bit before work and went back inside to make some tea. I also made a scrambled egg sandwich on Rudis GF multigrain bread. Since this past year with my allergy, I haven’t really wanted to eat bread. I no longer craved it, but this morning, I knew I wanted an egg sandwich.
As I was walking down the hall, the entire sandwich slid off my plate. Ugh! So it ended up that my dogs had a nice breakfast instead of me. I went back into the kitchen and tured the kettle on. I’ll make myself some tea I said to myself…I grabbed a mug from the cupboard and accidentally bumped it against my sink. It cracked in my hand, leaving me with a cut. I washed the cut, put a bandaid on it and reminded myself that yes its Monday, but I had tomorrow off. I need to get through the day…I MUST get through the day…
The past couple weeks, I’ve been feeling fatigued. Maybe it’s the changing of the seasons, who knows.

Even though the morning didn’t go as planned, no more disasters happened. In fact on my way to work I made myself laugh because at first I was feeling bummed my favorite mug broke…but then my next thought was that ALL my mugs are my favorite! Not just that one. I had many left to enjoy!

Here’s a chicken picture for no reason except that yes, those fluffy furry puffballs are hens. And she’s probably thinking, what you looking at?



Humdinger of a Day or Happy Last Day of Winter

Howie left ,Joey right

I was looking forward to my day off. My husband and I planned on getting chores done and preparing for our sons visit back home next week for Spring Break. Today began with a serious of routine doctors appointments. I had not had an annual in a few years and my husband had to follow up on his vaccinations for his new job. After my appointment I met my husband in the waiting room who surprisingly was being taken care of by two nurses checking his vitals and serving him apple juice. After being poked he stood up, felt light headed and almost blacked out. After two hours of being monitored by nurses and his doctor he was released since he felt a bit better. I drove home and we were greeted by our 2 darling dachshunds Joey and Howie. Well actually one was sick as a dog. There were piles of vomit everywhere. Once we realized which one it was, we cleaned up the mess and took Joey outside for some fresh air. He continued to get sick from both ends. This alarmed us because Joey has had some health issues and been on medicine for an autoimmune disease the past year. He was lethargic. Not his chipper self.
The disease attacks the good blood cells in the joints causing severe arthritis. We are fortunate that we live close enough to UCDavis who treats Joey for the disease.
We took Joey to the emergency where he was admitted right away. The vet determined it was just a bacteria infection. Phew! No relapse of his autoimmune disease!

We all went back home. I felt exhausted. Do you ever think your day is going to be one way and turns out to be a humdinger? Today definitely was that day.
After 6 hours of various medical attention and advice, there was only one thing that I know would make us feel better. For the dogs, warm rice and for the humans, homemade chicken soup.
Lately with my IBS attacks, I make a big pot of homemade chicken stock to use for our weekly meals. It helps keep my gut happy and healthy.

Gluten Free Chicken Soup

As I relax tonight I am grateful that the day went the way it did. It made me think how life is short. I shouldn’t take my health for granted or my family’s for that matter.

When I checked the mail today I received a package from Juniper Moon Farms.It was my Fall 2012 shares. Perfect timing, on the last day of Winter.


My shares are from these sweet sheep 🙂


So you may be wondering why my blog is called protoknits…I was born a Bailey, got married changed my name to a Proto. PROTO as in Protozoa, Proton,Protege’,Prototype…
KNITS as in wool, sheep, needles, sticks, handmade, art, crafts, warmth…
I learned how to knit from a friend 12 years ago. I have always had a craftiness about me and have vivid memories in 2nd grade needle pointing a white kitten with blue eyes onto a piece of burlap for my mom for Mother’s Day. I loved creating that picture…I wonder if she kept it?

I have knitted hundreds of hats, lots of scarves and a few treasured blankets for my loved ones. You can find me on Ravelry as protoknits. For one Christmas I made a knitted zippered hoodie for my MIL and it turned out somewhat professional. I could hardly believe it!

I always have something on my needles. Usually at the end of the year I sit down and make my new year resolutions. The thinking session usually ends up with a plan on what I will knit for the following year. Last year I planned on using only yarn from my stash. I wouldn’t buy any yarn…The resolution went hand in hand with the changes in my lifestyle. To live simply. Be more resourceful. Weed out what I don’t use…I realized I had LOTS of yarn. I used a large amount on the College Years Blanket for Josh. While I’m still going to continue using the yarn that I have, I’m also planning to make an Aran Sweater in 2013. I signed up for Juniper Moon Farms Shepherd and the Shearer project. By practicing cables and sweater knitting will prepare me for when my shares arrive from Juniper Moon. I will use the yarn from Susan Gibbs flock. I was lucky this past year to spend a few days at the farm. It’s a magical place. I’ll write more later about my farm stay. Meanwhile if you would like to learn more about Juniper Moon here’s a link to the farm.
I am also planning on submitting an entry to the county fair. I’ve been working on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Pi Shawl. Once holidays pass, I’ll continue on the shawl.