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Summer was just here, I swear


The summer’s coming to end. The days are definitely getting shorter. The weather still has some heat, however my garden is getting tired. The tomatoes are not really turning red and the zucchini are growing few and fingerling sized.

School is back in session which equals to hellish commutes…who’s whining? 🙂
But I do know that love is about and shows up when you least expect it sometimes.


Today I decided to take out most of my garden to get it ready for the Fall garden. I usually dread this task because it is admittance that summer really is over. After clippinga and pruning the vines I was left with a few pounds of immature tomatoes. And what does one do with all that fruit? Make relish!

Being raised on the West Coast, green tomato relish wasn’t something that I ever had. However after reading this recipe Farm Girl it had a familiar resemblance of chili verde. So I decided to give it a try.


I had all the ingredients handy and it didn’t take more than an hour and a half. You can find the recipe on the link above to Farmgirl.


I used a water bath method to can them. I will share a few jars with my family, however after sampling the finished product it was amazing. Not only can it be used for chips and dip, but I can use it to make chicken chili verde too.


With the end of summer, good things do come from the changes of the season. Finding the heart shaped tomato today validated my decision to grow food for my family, which I shared pounds of tomatoes with friends and family with my abundant crop…taking the time the other night to look at the beautiful sunset then stare at the stars reminded me to be grateful for what I have and the life I live.

Onwards and upwards to your dreams…



Daddy, what is that rug made of?

ImageI am not a vegan. I eat meat, I rarely eat red meat. I have posted entries talking about growing food, being conscious on where my food comes from. I have read stories that have discussed industrial agriculture and how it’s affecting our food chain. I am not an expert on anything really, yet I want to share a little story that happened to me today.

Today at work, a father and his 9 year old daughter stopped in and asked what the rug was made from. I simply replied, “It’s cowhide.”

The father was so surprised that we were using a cowhide on the floor. In todays world, I am always aware that people have various believes regarding animals, their treatment and so forth so I explained that the hide more than likely a by product of the meat industry.  The cattle farmers sell the hides to a leather business who conditions them to  be sold to make leather accessories etc. The father again was so surprised, he replied,” The only meat he wants to know about comes in a cellophane wrapped styrofoam tray he finds at his local grocery store.” It seemed he was happy knowing, not knowing where his food came from.

Since I was at work, I didn’t reply with, “did you know that wool comes from sheep?”

Speechless! I hope this fathers belief of meat is not the norm, and the daughter isn’t too upset when she finds out cowhide is really leather. It is a sad reality that people do not know where their food comes from, how it’s grown or what chemicals are used …the reality is daunting. That is why I read food labels, I grow veggies and make my own compost for the garden. I try to buy organic and will do without if I’m unsure of the foods source.

Sorry so soap-boxy. I just thought I’d share.