Just Do It!

Some may think that’s a cliche’.
Some may take it as a directive.
I take it as a leap of faith. As I was rediscovering my first blog from 2007, I came to acknowledge that I can write. I can be witty and sincere at the same time or is that just being sarcastic? I have been thinking about lots of things lately. Lots of things I want to change about myself. Lots of knitting I want to create, lots of gluten-free food I want to make that will satisfy my hunger for full gluten, and thinking about how I can become happy again. Honestly folks, I’m in a rutt here is sunny California. Some call it being an empty nester, which by the way I don’t want to accept as a label especially since if I wanted to I could make my home a non-empty nest by putting my son on restriction, forbidding him to leave the house, pulling him out of college…Maybe I can Home College him! Now that’s an idea!
For reals though, usually I’m a happy go lucky type, who makes people feel good about themselves, by hugging and cooking for them and making warm wooly knitted items to keep them warm and secure. My mom always said I came out of the womb smiling. I got those happy genes. I just seem to have misplaced them over the past couple years that’s all…
Anyways. Today I’m just doing it. I’m beginning a new chapter inside the interwebs, to document forever in time according to whomever owns the interwebs, my thoughts, my recipes, my antics, my creations and dreams that dance around inside in my head. Maybe my perspective willh help others even if in a zone-out web surfing kindda way. Enjoy the journey! Allez! Tally Ho! Onwards and Upwards folks!


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