They are back!


I have been wanting to write about so many things lately. But once I sit down to write an entry, the fatigue sets in and I begin to yawn, then my breathing slows and then I almost fall asleep.
I truly have had some great ideas and insights lately and know that I’ll eventually write about them, but thank you for your patience!

It will soon be my 1year anniversary of my new job that I began July 3 last year. The position allows creativity, the staff are down to earth for the most part and really the worst of it is my commute. Somedays it takes up to 3 hours to arrive. Other days it only takes 1-1/2 hours. I forgot to mention that is a mere 21 miles door to door.

Halfway into my commute I drive over a bridge and through the surrounding salt flats. The Leslie Salt Company moved out years ago, so the birds have moved in. The land is marshy, with levies that are continually being adjusted and moved with the tides. This part of my drive is really beautiful as hundreds if birds migrate here throughout the year. Being in Northern California, the weather is mild. I’ve seen lots of bird use the salt flats as a nesting ground and nursery.


When I first began this trek to my new job, I noticed huge white pelicans flying over the highway, elegant and stoic. I’m used to seeing the California Brown Pelican near the coast but not these white ones. Each day as I drove to work I would count up to 50 white pelicans all flocking together in a remote area of the flats away from all the other birds. It almost took my breath away seeing so many orange pitcher mouths together!

I eventually did a little research on the interwebs and learned these species are from the Half Moon Bay, which is around 15 miles away over the ridge. They spend their winters at the coast and breed inland! Voila! Mystery solved why I never saw any white pelicans during winter.
Here’s a little more info on the American White Pelican. I’m not a huge bird enthusiast but seeing the countries largest bird fly over my car spiked my interest to learn more. It reminded me to appreciate my life more. To remind myself to slow down and this time, to watch the pelicans.


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