Insomniacs Unite! But only from the hours of 1am-4am

So as long as I’ve been a mother, that’s 19 years, I have had bouts of insomnia. It’s actually getting worse as I get older. I used to discuss it with my doctor who just said, ‘Amy you have too many things on your plate. Try to relax, don’t drink coffee after 3pm, when your body needs the sleep, you’ll be the first to know!’
Since the boy, I mean young man, is away at college I hardly have much to do. I work of course, but I have always done that. I have insomnia at least 3x a week now. Tonight’s reason is stomach issues. My reaction to food in general has gotten much worse. I’m beginning to believe the two are related along with my fatigue.
I’m not going to blame all the insomnia on food allergies. I have always been a do-er. I take after my dad in that way. Often he would be up late working at the computer, and up early working too. Both my brothers have bouts of insomnia too. We just don’t need much sleep it seems. I think of it as a fortunate trait. I always did my best work during school in the late night hours.
And luckily for my son, he has acquired the trait too.
Before Facebook, life in the wee hours were lonely. I read, I knitted or just rotisseried in bed waiting for sleep to take over. Now, I have an insomnia community of like minded people sharing thoughts, pictures and tips because we get it. We laugh at each others stories, read up on breaking news etc…
It also gives me time to knit. I am still in my Do Something for 30 Days challenge. It’s coming along nicely. I’ll share more in that project later.
I better get to bed before the sun comes up…I’ve got to work in a few hours.
Have a great week, day or night!


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