February is Fabulous

First, has anyone ever had a dog that absolutely loved kale? As you see here, my 2 doxies are extremely anxious to get these greens…licked lips and the stares! Crazy pups!

I have been knitting…not as focused as I would like but have been knitting. On a recent TEDtalk I viewed the other day Matt Cutts talks about doing something for 30 days. It could be anything…but the end result will be something learned, happiness and motivation will result…interesting talk and here’s the linkTry Something For 30 Days

I would love to knit an Icelandic sweater or lopapeysa. See here from Wikipedia…



I’ve been eyeing them all over ravelry. The use of colors and patterns strike awe and delight when I catch someone wearing one. So for 30 days I will work on my lopi sweater. If I miss a stitch I will rip out until perfect. I have a bad habit of knitting as I go, however it turns out should be fine. However, since following a pattern with various bobbins of yarn throughout the pattern must be followed to arrive at the final result…So here I go…lets lopi!


1 thought on “February is Fabulous

  1. Bev Love aka paletpc

    Hi Amy,
    I am not surprised that we are still liking and doing the same things. I just registered for a Craftsy class to knit an authentic Lopapeysa sweater. http://www.craftsy.com/class/the-top-down-icelandic-sweater/129

    I ordered the wool from Iceland. The instructor has an etsy store and you get a discount through craftsy. Darn, just checked the link and she is sold out of the blue and white wool for the class.

    While I was getting the kit for the class I also purchased a pattern and wool for another traditional Icelandic sweater. https://www.etsy.com/transaction/100946888
    One of my favorite podcasts is Knitting Diaries, Disa lives in Denmark but she if from Iceland.

    Hope all is Well.



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