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Fall is here…

60 lbs of Persimmons!

60 lbs of Persimmons!

Our nice new neighbor invited us over to pick as many as we could, ripe fuyu persimmons! He doesn’t like the things! So now I have 60 lbs of persimmons to use within the next two weeks.

I really learned to cook when I was 30. I grew up in the 70’s when moms had to go to work and what was for dinner was straight from a box or can. I learned alot from the FoodNetwork and from a subscription to CookingLight magazine. I belong to the church of Fanny Farmer too! From her cookbook, I learned how to boil water and roast pumpkin seeds, make butter toffee and banana bread. Her recipes are simple and tried and true. It was a wonderful foundation to learn how to cook.

I’m adventurous in the kitchen. I will try anything, although watching Julie & Julia recently I would have second thoughts stabbing a lobster between the eyes! So what I have planned for the persimmons…definately Apricot Persimmon Marmalade, Persimmon Bread and I found a recipe for Persimmon Chutney to use with pork. I will share recipes as I go along…

Bon Apetit!