Have you ever looked back at photos and could hardly believe what moments you captured? I have been looking at my pictures from my trip to Machu Picchu last month. I really can’t believe I was there and with my best friend!!
I’m grateful and lucky that I went to such a wondrous place.
Here’s a few pictures of the trip…

The first picture was taken in Puno Peru, right before a Shamen friended us and used holy water to ‘cleanse’ us. Puno is near Lake Titicaca…

The vicuña looks sweet in the next picture but that thing charged at me behind the fence.


Kecia and I proving that we were actually at Machu Picchu! What is awesome is that they stamped our Passports when we were there!


Oh and that cute animal was a baby llama rolling around on the grass at Machu Picchu….just enjoying the sights…


Such a unforgettable trip with a special friend…Thank you Kecia!!


Kecia, What do you have listed as #2 on your bucket list? I’m game!


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