Hip Hip Hooray for Women!


Happy International Women’s Day!
I know it was this past Friday. I think women should be celebrated in some way…everyday…let me share with you I went to a event at Square on Friday celebrating women merchants! It was a mini Apple reunion for me as I ran into a few of my girlfriends there! What a great surprise! We all have moved on from Apple, but still keep in touch.

The first ever Square Makers Faire was headed up by my friend Michelle. She is an extraordinary woman who draws, creates and works at start up Square. Square has developed an awesome device that fits into any iPhone or Droid that turns your device into a POS tool. I’ve used it for payment on some of my personal knitted items. It’s convienant, easy to use and they are an awesome local company in San Francisco. You can find out more here.

Although I was feeling fatigued, nauseous and frustrated by my tummy issues I pulled myself out of bed and went to the event. I’m glad I did. The vibe was positive, I met other women artists and realized I too can have my own side business just like all of the ladies who attended.I need to walk the talk and Just do It!
There’s no better time than the present right?

I left the event feeling energized, full of life. And to top off the night, I heard my name being yelled from the underground transit by two of my former friends at TCO. Hugs all around!

The next day was my running day. We took off early and hit the trail by 7a. Here’s where I run…

Oddly, running makes me feel alive. It gives me much needed energy to get through my days. I’m grateful I have found one thing that makes me feel better.
My doctor officially diagnosed me with IBS on Friday. You can find out more here. There is no cure, just lifestyle changes are recommended.
One theory to help in tummy issues is to assist good bacteria in your gut. Eating pickled or fermented foods can aid in digestion.
I went to work and tested out my new Perfect Pickler I ordered awhile back.
It pickles food in small batches. I’m anxious to try the sauerkraut I started yesterday!
Waiting 2 weeks will be difficult, meanwhile I’ll eat some pickles I made during summer!

Here’s more about the Perfect Pickler

As usual, my life stays moving forward. I try to make sure at the end of each day to think back and reflect on life’s little lessons that encourage me to follow my passions.
I’m reminded daily…to Just Do It. And you should follow your passions too.
Have a great week!


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