Well…this picture pretty much sums up my holiday. This was taken yesterday on Christmas. I have been working 6 days a week, for the past three weeks. I feel exhausted, overworked, tired, pain, exhausted, overworked, tired, pain…
I know I chose a career in retail, I’m celebrating 20 years in the field in fact, this year I really felt disengaged from my family and friends this holiday season. I tried to stay calm (most days). I decorated the home like I usually do. I made handmade gifts, baked and listened to Christmas music daily…but nothing got me motivated. Not sure what that’s all about, but I don’t feel like myself. Bah humbug!
On a good note, I will be hosting our annual New Years Party so I have something to look forward to…
I do hope you take this moment to hug and love those whom you are close to. Despite my feelings, I am extremely grateful for my family and my life. My son said yesterday was one of his best Christmases to date.
Happy Holidays everyone!
Cheers to 2013!


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