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Not counting days but it’s a start

As I shared previously I set out a goal to do something for 30 days. I was inspired by Matt Cutts and his TEDtalk. I admit I have been in a rutt, knitting small stuff that takes no real commitment other than to sit down and knit straight for 2 hours and voila a hat is finished.
So after lurking through TED one night I got inspired. And when you get Inspired about something, magic happens, you then begin to DO something and then after that the Motivation kicks in! So here I am, maybe a week into it and what you see is the bottom. Knowing that when you knit stockinette the edge rolls up, I changed color to create a surprise, added a couple rolls of ribbing then onto the intarsia. I’m definitely excited the way it’s turning out. The body of the sweater seems mammoth to me, I hope it goes by fast as my attention span wanes on monotonous types of knitting. Enough about that, I’m sneaking some stitches in before I get ready for work.
Cheers to Just Doing It! Hip hip hooray!



So you may be wondering why my blog is called protoknits…I was born a Bailey, got married changed my name to a Proto. PROTO as in Protozoa, Proton,Protege’,Prototype…
KNITS as in wool, sheep, needles, sticks, handmade, art, crafts, warmth…
I learned how to knit from a friend 12 years ago. I have always had a craftiness about me and have vivid memories in 2nd grade needle pointing a white kitten with blue eyes onto a piece of burlap for my mom for Mother’s Day. I loved creating that picture…I wonder if she kept it?

I have knitted hundreds of hats, lots of scarves and a few treasured blankets for my loved ones. You can find me on Ravelry as protoknits. For one Christmas I made a knitted zippered hoodie for my MIL and it turned out somewhat professional. I could hardly believe it!

I always have something on my needles. Usually at the end of the year I sit down and make my new year resolutions. The thinking session usually ends up with a plan on what I will knit for the following year. Last year I planned on using only yarn from my stash. I wouldn’t buy any yarn…The resolution went hand in hand with the changes in my lifestyle. To live simply. Be more resourceful. Weed out what I don’t use…I realized I had LOTS of yarn. I used a large amount on the College Years Blanket for Josh. While I’m still going to continue using the yarn that I have, I’m also planning to make an Aran Sweater in 2013. I signed up for Juniper Moon Farms Shepherd and the Shearer project. By practicing cables and sweater knitting will prepare me for when my shares arrive from Juniper Moon. I will use the yarn from Susan Gibbs flock. I was lucky this past year to spend a few days at the farm. It’s a magical place. I’ll write more later about my farm stay. Meanwhile if you would like to learn more about Juniper Moon here’s a link to the farm.
I am also planning on submitting an entry to the county fair. I’ve been working on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Pi Shawl. Once holidays pass, I’ll continue on the shawl.

Finally…some knitting to share!


I had been looking for a wreath for a longtime and realized I should just make one instead!
I was lurking on MasonDixonKnitting blog and noticed this really cool wreath pattern. All proceeds go to help victims from Hurricane Sandy.
You can find the pattern and info here: Hampstead Wreath

It was a very easy pattern. I used a florists 14″ ring for the form. I finished it in 2 days and used my made up pattern for the leaves.
Happy Holidays!